at the Doctor's

The doctor said: your blood is weak,
I said I keep on spilling it
He nodded twice as if he knew
Yet he didn’t
Doctors rely on what is seen
and You aren’t …

My mother said you lost your head
What can I do my heart’s a maze
I try to think like all others
But all I do is sing for days

I try to finish what I start
I rarely fall, but fall apart
You say you love all that I do
But all I do is kiss and part …

All those deemed sane say I am a fool
And all of the fools say not enough!
I do not work to feel secure
I do not cheat and simply laugh

Right in between, the line is thin
I seem to live vastly within …
You say you want to keep me close
I fear you want to cage me in

This city smells of blood so cheap
It has one God but a billion sheep
Who in his name will fight and kill
Will never drink, but love a pill
They say why not come now and pray
I think why not get down and weep

The doctor said your skin is pale
I think I hear a child crying
“I am feeling fine “ I loudly say
I think I just started lying …