MaZen's BIRTH Days ...

Your face the moon
Round and shiny
Still makes me smile.
They say you've  changed,
and yet  for me
You are that child.

And I love you,
No matter how old you grow,
No matter how senile I get,
No matter how we used to fight,
No matter how I don't regret …

I love you for the child you were,
The man you are and you’ll become.
I love you for many reasons,
But I really love you for none…

I love the stories that you made
When we were kids, sneaky allies.
And when you’re mad at your sister
The silly way you roll your eyes.
And when you’re angry at someone
how you ogle with those pupils !
And how you “pffffffff” just anytime
You think I said something stupid.

And I don’t care,
If you were healthy 
Frail, or mad,
Or if you had breathing issues 
and I was  dead!
Or if you were
Poor or loaded or
 Sad or fun…
And I still laugh at how she kissed
Your childish ass that freaky nun !
I loved you when I first saw you,
A baby boy in a bundle
And when your voice started muting
And When you had your first pimple !!!
I Love you for the way we were
And always be when together
Of course I do you birthday boy
You’re after all my Kid BROTHER !