How to begin

I-One wonders how to begin
when everything eventually ends
When breath becomes the way to sing
 These half truths of birth and death ...
II-This is last piece of chips
The bag was big
The bag is big and empty now
fingers stained yet I deny
I have become the lies I lie
You have become the lie I lie
III-The silent humming of pollution
The dust is piling in my eyes
Its color I cant recognize
A green it was now is no more
A sea I see, but see no shore
Frail pigmentation in dilution
IV-So many wrinkles in my heart
My breast is burning with fever
My very skin just broke apart
Like my Mother’s twisted Liver
V- Yes I just wonder how to end
A poetry that cannot rime
A bond so tight it wouldn’t bend
When I have tried time over time ...
VI- Unreachable... not just a status on my phone
A state of mind, to mind my own
You call it screen and hope to see ?
With What I can this soul is blown ...