on Love & love

It all starts in the sea « Mare », « Marie » “Mère » “Mer” and in arabic Mar yamm ( yamm =means literally sea)  the Mother …and the anguish of the first separation… being pulled out of the same place every man wants to get back in, to, through… the sea of non existence and existence, the womb.

It all starts in between the thighs of a woman that become the compass of  the earth…
Here men are being pulled in and out, here is the ultimate form of the art of Life and Death the ocean of existence and oblivion…

While men try to simulate the retroactive annihilation of their birth, the return to their state of non existence by trying desperately yet hopelessly to get back "in", while they express the most childish and primal form of anguish through what they think and make themselves believe (in order to preserve their egos)  to be a  conquest, women try to transform that anguish of birth through separation by identifying with the creator herself, through submission then ( sometimes ) revolt, also a childish hopeless and desperate action,

When both poles the negative and positive, war and peace,  conquest and submission become aware of the impossibility of a return, they settle…thus the desire to go back to the first form of life becomes two pronged : the desire to procreate, and the desire to go back to the first state of non existence or death becomes the orgasm …also known as it happens as « la petite mort » .

That is why Love cannot be when anguish and paranoia dwell. The act of exorcising one’s anguish does not touch upon that of Love.  And while confounding desire and love is very frequent, they are as far from each other as is the slap and the caress. They both engage the same organs could give you powerful pleasure and make you forget your anguish …the first is however destructive, confusing and ultimately will feed your anguish and addiction to it, the latter « reinforces » you, gives you power  and teaches you how and where to place your Self  and your body … that is why it is necessary to distinguish sex in love and sex as an exorcising act, in the latter form we could see dominance and submission, problems in performance as the goal is to control one and the partner’s desire, and since the fix, the rush is the goal, the partner becomes secondary, sometimes even disappears, and the very act becomes simply masturbatory reflected in a variety of partners of either sex… this maelstrom of senses, the tempest of need is the anguish that we in fact feed by engaging in this kind of sex.

Now ancient knowledge pointed  us toward  Love, constructive healthy empowering Love.. Think of Tantra and Karezza, comparable to the mystic concept of missing. although many disciples understood and practiced them only as kinky means of transforming that sacred knowledge into yet another type of control and of feeding  mutual anguish, through an exercice of the thrill of arousing and controlling lust in another person “which  is really an act of self-serving power over that person.” , the wise can understand and see that withholding ones immediate pleasure, remains a way of baring the self and expanding ones awareness to encompass the world and the loved one(s). Through seeking knowledge about  the other  in an act of selfless giving, one understands oneself by facing others demons one faces his or her own, and that is why the gift transforms both the giver and receiver…and that is why Love bares it Self to the world  unafraid because it self sustains…like the sun it brings all to life and banishes the shadows of fear and doubt.