One Month, One Beat

One month Away
One month at home with people, like me 
trying to find their way ... Away .  
Thank you Beaters, And Hannah Devereux for these frames of joy.

Atlantic Center for Arts, Florida ( With Gideon Crevochay)

With Daniel French

Gideon Crevochay, Devin Greenwood, greg chudzik, Malabika Brahma, Yang fan, Elena Moon Park, Toussa, YC, Ahmed Rock, Jiha Park et Moi

Masta Mic in the background, Parami playing his grandfather's tune 

My words with Jiha, BusBoys and Poets, Washington DC : 

"This is not my home, home is where the heart is and the heart is with a man I lost to a bullet, this is where they decide to send them bullets, this is NOT my home ...." DS

in the circular church, without a mic, Charleston, South Carolina

Profile for ACA

the great Ensemble A

with Sarah Alden on the Violin, Irondale, New York

Planetarium, Durham, Noth Carolina. An Amazing feeling performing under a dome made of stars and whirling planets ...

... What next ??? Who knows ...